The Ausdom M06 Bluetooth Headphone Review

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  • Long Battery Life: This Bluetooth stereo headphone features 400mAh battery, which provides 250 hours of standby time and 20 hours for music stream and phone calls.
  • Bluetooth Headphones with Mic: Built-in microphone and control buttons located on each ear cup allow you to control the volume directly and phone calls.
  • Wireless Over Ear Headphone: Ausdom M06 is one wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone which provides convenient Bluetooth connection to different devices: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC with Bluetooth dongle/function.
  • Ultimate Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear Headphone: Superior material on each ear cup cushion, adjustable band, and the super lightweight make M06 a great choice for a bluetooth headset.
  • Great Bluetooth Headphone Combo: This wireless Bluetooth headphone with mic. can be used in a different condition which brings more relative bundle alternative, please check special offer and promotion for different bundles.


The Ausdom M06 has great controls embedded within the headphone themselves. From the headphones, you can play, pause any song; skip or go back a song and also turn down or up the volume. The play/pause, and skip track buttons are located on the right ear cup, while the volume buttons are located on the left earcup. 


The battery on the Ausdome M06 is a beast, Ausdom claims that you can get up to 20 hrs of continuous music and phone calls with the Ausdom M06, and I can verify that this is true. Further, if you do manage to run out of battery mid-song, Ausdom also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack in the box as you can also use these Ausdom M06 headphones as a wired option. I found this incredibly useful as I used it to connect to my PlayStation 4 with ease as the Bluetooth did not work. Further, according to Ausdom’s specs, you can get up to 250 hours of standby time from this 400 mah battery. All, in all, you shouldn’t be worried about running out of juice anytime soon with these headphones.


In terms of audio, it is actually quite nice for the price. The bass is solid and while it is not strictly a noise-canceling headphone by any means, it is though a noise-isolating headphone with thick padding to block out any ambient noise. 


The design of the Ausdom M06 is actually quite decent. At first, I thought the plastic would come off as less quality but when received them they actually blew my expectations away. They feel like a premium brand of headphones but for much less and the padding on the top and the earcups are plentiful. One gripe I do have about the earcups is that if you have big ears then you may have a difficult time with the earcups fully cupping your ears. Also, if you have glasses these do a great job to compensate for that and in terms of comfort with the glasses is as good as without wearing glasses. 


The cost of the Ausdom M06 is $50 CAD or $40 USD. For this price and the quality, you are getting is quite impressive. 


If you are in the market for a low-cost Bluetooth headphone with a wired option and some noise isolation for a great price, then these are for you! 




If you are in the market for a low-cost Bluetooth headphone with a wired option and some noise isolation for a great price, then these are for you! 

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