Why I Bought Another Chromebook

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Chromebooks Are the Future of Light-Weight Computing.

When Google first announced their Chromebook OS, I was vastly unimpressed. The idea of having an OS based on the Linux Kernel with virtually no support for my Windows Apps other than through remote desktop was crazy at the time. I left the thought behind me and never looked back…until last year when I ended up buying my very first ASUS Chromebook C201.

How did I end up buying one, even though over the years I had despised it?

Simple: it was a Light-Weight OS with Built-in Security and ANDROID APPS.

Let’s go over its core features:


All Chromebooks are automatically kept up to date, so you always have the latest virus protection and Google claims that it won’t slow down over time no matter which Chromebook model you have.  Its virus protection has multiple layers of security and verified book which helps you keep safe from viruses, malware, and other issues.

Further, the updates download in the background and are installed once you restart.


Although actual computer performance depends on the internet connectivity and hardware spaces, all Chromebooks have a literal <3 sec boot up time.


Let’s just say I’ve been using my Chromebook for a week at a time before recharging doing light emailing and editing. Because the OS is so lightweight battery life is exponentially better than a Windows Computer or Mac book.

Android Apps:

Now, this was probably the main seller for me because to have the ability to run android apps is incredible. Now, this feature still isn;t out for most Chromebooks but Google said that they will be updated next year.

And because of these features, I just had to buy a second one for taking around with me because it’s so darn light and portable!



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  1. I bought my first Chromebook in October and I love it! I was already a fan of the Chrome Browser which I had installed on my Windows 8. However, I got tired of Windows always updating and sluggishness. I already had an android phone and android tablet. So I love android apps. I already used google gmail and calender, so it was an easy transition for the laptop.

    When I learned that Chromebooks would have Androids apps that made my decision easier. I now have apps on my Samsung 3 in developer mode and I love it! My laptop is fast and I have only the 2g ram. Pages load fast. I also have my printer on here for cloud printing. It is not a cloud printing device but I use my old printer. I found a way online to make it work. Just go to Youtube for anything you need to do and it seems like someone can tell you how to do it.

    I am very happy with this device and am trying to talk my husband into giving up his old Windows for one of these.

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