New Apple ‘Spaceship’ Campus Ready to Move in by April

apple spaceship campus 2

Apple’s massively expensive new headquarters in California dubbed ‘The Spaceship’ will be move-in ready by April 2017. The construction of buildings and park is scheduled to continue throughout the year, the US tech giant has announced. In a press statement on its official website, Apple has said that the process of …

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India is Building One of the World’s Most Powerful Supercomputers (And it’s a BEAST)

india supercomputerindia supercomputer

India is well known for its prowess in technology. It is called the global IT hub of the world and boasts a record number of STEM graduates compared to any other country. Now, come June, India will be unveiling its most powerful supercomputer which would operate at a full capacity …

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Google Translate is Slowly Catching Up to Human Translation Levels

google translate ai machine learning

Google’s ever so helpful Google Translate app was better than its machine rivals in a recent translation competition between humans and artificial intelligence language software held in Seoul, Korea on Feb. 22, 2017, that finished with the humans winning, according to The Investor. According to industry sources on Feb. 22, …

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