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Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment Studio Working on AAA Avatar Game

avatar ubisoft massive game

Ubisoft announced at the Game Developer Conference that they will be making a video game based on James Cameron’s  Avatar’ film universe. Avatar is an epic science fiction film directed, written, produced, and co-edited by James Cameron. The film is set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are colonising Pandora, …

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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Sequel LEAKED by Retailer

middle earth shadow of mordor sequel shadow of war

It appears that a sequel to the critically-acclaimed game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be coming later this year. First spotted by NeoGAF, the sequel is titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War and will supposedly be released on August 22.  As leaked by Target, Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be released …

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Mass Effect Andromeda Minimum and Recommended PC Requirements (Specs)

mass effect andromeda minimum recommended pc requirements specs

Mass Effect Andromeda is almost upon us, and Bioware has graciously revealed what minimum and recommended PC requirements/specs you need to run this beast of a game.  Check Below! See Also: Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Preview! Minimum System Requirements OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PROCESSOR: …

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The Next Story DLC “A Criminal Past” for Deus Ex Mankind Divided Releasing Feb 23!

deus ex criminal past

The second Deus Ex: Mankind Divided story DLC, entitled A Criminal Past, will send hero Adam Jensen off to the sunny climes of Arizona to go undercover in a high-security, augs-only prison. The mission: to make contact with another operative who went in before him and has since “gone dark,” …

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Ubisoft’s For Honor Minimum and Recommended PC Specs Announced!

for honor pc specs minimum recommended

As Ubisoft prepares to drop its first ever For Honor Multiplayer beta, it has released the For Honor minimum and recommended PC gaming specs for those who plan on trying out the PC beta.  Looking at the minimum requirements, they aren’t that high compared to other of Ubisoft’s games. They …

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Guess What Was the Best Selling Game of 2016?

overwatch 2016 best

As 2016 is now officially over, the NPD Group has released its yearly overview of the best selling video games of the year. And, as usual, sports and shooters continue to become dominant in the video game world. The list below represents total physical sales and some digital (including Steam …

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Mass Effect Andromeda: New Early Access Preview


Fanatics of RPGs, 2017 is a year to get excited. There are many amazing RPGs coming up very soon such as Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, Vampyr, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC). 2017 has already proven to be an interesting year in terms of promising to provide unique next-gen multi-genre …

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This is the Main Reason Why the Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Are Limited


Nintendo angered some diehard Nintendo Fans this morning with the announcement via its Nintendo World Store in New York that pre-orders for the Switch would be available in limited quantities following the launch presentation on January 13. Gamers expressed outrage and claims of “artificial demand building” came thick and fast. …

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