Google Translate is Slowly Catching Up to Human Translation Levels

google translate ai machine learning

Google’s ever so helpful Google Translate app was better than its machine rivals in a recent translation competition between humans and artificial intelligence language software held in Seoul, Korea on Feb. 22, 2017, that finished with the humans winning, according to The Investor. According to industry sources on Feb. 22, …

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Google The New King: Overtakes Apple as World’s Most Valuable Brand

google worlds most valuable brand-sundar pichai

Note: that this is the World’s Most Valuable Brand  report, not related to its market value. The definition of “Brand Value” is the value of trademarks (and relating marketing IP  and ‘goodwill’ attached to it) within the branded business. Apple has maintained its title as the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brand’ …

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Google’s Former Head of Search Amit Singhal is Joining Forces With Uber


Google’s Former Head of Search Amit Singhal, who is often credited for rewriting the Google Founders’ original search alogorithm, is now joining Uber as the Senior Vice President of Engineering. He will report directly to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Anthony Levandowski, the head of Uber’s self-driving divisions. Mr. Amit …

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The Next Version of Windows 10 Looks ALOT like Mac OS


As someone who uses both Windows and Mac, and who’s growing increasingly impatient with Mac’s new offerings, I’m very happy that Windows has major visual enhancements upcoming. Check them out below. Also, Microsoft is finding itself stuck at a crossroads between the popular Mac OS and the upcoming growth of …

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