The 2017 15 inch MacBook Pro Review: Is This MAXED OUT 2017 MacBook Worth it?

2017 macbook pro

It is always a nail-biter when you get a new Apple MacBook, both literally and figuratively. Apple is renown for its premium build quality, sleek design, outstanding performance and intuitive user experience. The MacBook lineage continues to improve each year while preserving Apple’s identity. In our review, we are reviewing …

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The Top 7 New Features in the iOS 11 Update!


1: iOS 11 Revamped Control Centre This is one of the most prominent changes in iOS 11. Apple has completely revamped the control centre and made it customization. You can place icons for all your frequently used controls and use the full screen for icon placement. In addition, you can now …

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The iPhone 7S Plus Hands On: Finally Some New Leaks

iphone 7s plus

If you follow the latest in Apple or any other tech leaks you are pretty well informed on everything about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 flagship which is set to be revealed in September sometime. With its near bezel-less display, a 3D face scanner, OLED display and much more, the iPhone …

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Apple Still Pursuing Autonomous Driving Initiative


The Self-driving car is an initiative that is being pursued by some of the most iconic tech companies out there, namely being Google, Uber, and Tesla. Google recently took its self-driving car out of its testing phase and started a new division called “Waymo” to ” let people trial fully self-driving …

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The iPhone 8 Has Been Sort of Confirmed Via HomePod Code


As Apple is gearing up for the reveal of its highly anticipated smartphone to date, many rumours and leaks are coming out like crazy, but none really actually confirm the design of the iPhone 8 through Apple. Until now.  It was first spotted via twitter (see below) through Apple’s Homepod …

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Apple Set to Test New 5G Wireless Technology


In May of this year, Apple submitted an application for a license to test a new service of wireless technology, namely the 5G wireless technology that is upcoming in the future.  According to a statement within Apple’s application to the FCC, Apple is seeking to “assess cellular link performance in …

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Apple Watch 3 Coming this Fall 2017 According to Reports


If you are a fan or avid user of the Apple Watch, then we have some good news for you. Apple is planning to release the third version of its Apple Watch series according to reports.  According to MacRumors,  Apple has reached out and begun to source from Quanta Computer as …

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Apple Patents “Smart Pixel” Technology for Future Devices

iphone batteryiphone battery

Apple recently patented a new technology dubbed “Smart Pixel” for future Apple device displays. Currently, Apple has to rely on third party companies such as Samsung who is speculated to be providing the OLED screen panels for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. This new tech by Apple could be commercially used …

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