Check Out Google’s Futuristic New Campus!

Google has released new design changes for its upcoming campus located near its current location in Mountain View, California. The campus, named Google Charleston East (aka “Flower Power”) marks the first time Google has actually built its offices from the ground up as they used to buy out old buildings and refurbish it to their needs.

Google also submitted updated plans for its new campus to the City of Mountain View, revealing how it will look like in almost a year.

As 9to5Google said, the company also wants its campus to become a “destination for the local community,” so it envisions a place with lots of green spaces open not just to employees, but also to the public. It’s planning to build small parks throughout and a plaza with food stalls and the like. To make sure all the activity doesn’t distract Googlers, employee offices will be located on the second floor of the new building. The latest renders seem to be more ‘Googlier’ with a massive playground with bike paths, and lounging areas for its employees.

Feel free to view the entire Google project plans in the documents (PDF) it submitted to the City of Mountain View. Mountain View’s authorities will have to approve the proposal before construction begins. If and when it does, the company expects the new campus to be completed within 30 months.

Seems like both the two tech giants, Google and Apple, have plans to build new campuses for the next generation to come. Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ campus will be ready to move in by April of this year, while Google’s will be quite some time before they begin switching locations.

Google first announced its plans for a new campus back in 2015, which would be integrated with the public and wildlife, showing a big shift in Silicon Valley.

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