The Expanse Season 3 Details from Comic-Con 2017

Syfy’s The Expanse has officially landed at Comic-con 2017 with much behind the scenes and panels provided by the writers, actors, and authors of the series. The Expanse panel which was hosted at the SDCC on July 22, 2017 consisted of Executive producers Naren Shankar and Mark Fergus who were accompanied by Steven Strait (James Holden), Dominique Tipper (Naomi Nagata), Wes Chatham (Amos Burton), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avarasala), Cas Anvar(Alex Kamal) and Frankie Adams (Bobbie Draper).

Executive producer Mark Fergus summed up the seasons thus far by saying “Season 1 was ‘What are the sides?’ Season 2 was ‘Pick a side,’ and Season 3 will be ‘war.’” The characters ask themselves “what is the cost” in decisions they make. According to the team, there’s technically no “bad guy” on The Expanse, since everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing. Although, as the Syfy Wire mentioned,  Wes Chatham brilliantly noted that human pride is “the villain” of The Expanse.

What was also noted during the panel was the introduction of a couple new characters to the story in which Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost will play a recurring role in The Expanse Season 3. Also,  actor David Straitham from  The Blacklist and Alphas was also cast for Season 3 but not many details on his or Mitchell’s characters were provided to keep from spoilers.

The Expanse Season 3 Airing Date

In terms of an actual air date for The Expanse Season 3, not much was revealed during the panel other than we know that it is due to arrive in 2018 sometime.

The Expanse Season 3 Trailer from Comic-Con

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