Google announces new ‘Made in India’ Campaign targeted for the Indian Market

From Google India

It’s no surprise that Google is eager to get a head start into the Indian market in terms of delivering its products and service because India has surpassed the United States in the number of active phone users and is continuing to grow rapidly. Google’s Android already controls a large part of the smartphone market in India but Google wants to do more.

Google today, launched its first ever Google Play App Excellence Summit in India where it announced its new ‘Made in India’ campaign.  This campaign particularly deals with Indian developers in terms of their applications. The Made for India is an initiative to discover and showcase developers who are building high-quality apps and optimizing them for Indian users. To apply for this program go to

Further, according to Android Authority: 

As part of the initiative, Indian developers can apply for a chance to have apps that are specifically optimized for the Indian market to be showcased on the Google Play Store in India in a special section. Further, at the summit, Google assembled over 700 Indian app and game developers where Google provided useful tips to them.

Aside from this new Made in India campaign, Google has contributed much more to the Indian economy. They are providing free internet in around 400 railroad stations around India, introduced a new ‘Build for Billions’ campaign to help “developers overcome challenges such as varying network connectivity, device specifications, and high data costs;” and released custom apps for the India market such as Youtube Go which allows you to download a video offline use as well they launched Google Allo(messaging service) in India first before coming to other countries.

With these many Google initiatives that are taking place in India, Google is sure to come on top as the prime non-Indian tech company in India and Apple will have to do a lot of catching up.

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