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Horizon Zero Dawn is arguably the most anticipated game of 2017. Being a PlayStation exclusive, many owners have already pre-ordered this game or are looking to purchase it Day One. It comes from the Killzone Developers, Guerrilla Games, and marks their first entry into the RPG genre. It is set to release on February 28, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Pro.

In this preview we will give you a look into the Story, Gameplay, Characters, and World of Horizon: Zero Dawn.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a third person action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world which is populated by strange mechanical creatures. It is set 1,000 years into the future, where humanity has long abandoned the planet due to the world being overwhelmed by these mechanical creatures.

The main focus of the story is really finding out what’s going on behind this world. How did you end up with this unusual combination of elements where you have these awe-inspiring mechanical beasts and all this really lush nature, but with humans living in a tribal, more primitive state? You’ll also have you uncover the secretes of the past world as well has why you were shunned from your original tribe. These are the questions you’ll be answering in this game.


From the few trailers we’ve seen at E3, Gamescom, TGAs and other events, Horizon will play like a traditional third person ‘shooter’ with heavy RPG elements tied into it. Weapons seem to be characterized around mechanical bows and arrows, and ‘swords’. I’m sure there are many more weapons that weren’t showcased in the trailers or gameplay.

Further, the game will have a choice dialogue system similar to that of Mass Effect, Deus Ex or any other role playing game.  As this game is open-world, you can freely roam about the environment and take on side quests if you choose to.  After the opening of the game, where there is a tutorial and a set up of the character and the world, the game turns you loose and there’s really nothing keeping you from going anywhere you want. You can pick up side quests and meet people and do things in any order you want. But there is a very crafted main story to engage with, and that builds to a more over arching story.

Combat in the game feels fresh and unique. Your enemies range from the mechanical beasts which come in small and large sizes; and also other humans. In the trailer picture below, you can actually climb that monstrous being and ‘reprogram’ it. There’s really no limitations to what you can do in this game.


The main protagonist you play as is a strong female lead named ‘Aloy’. Shunned from her own tribe for mysterious reasons around the story, she was adopted by another and grown within their community. When Horizon Zero Dawn begins, Aloy is just coming of age, and because she’s maturing she can no longer ignore all the unanswered questions about her life, particularly the identity of her parents and what happened to grant her this horrible place within the tribe. A rite of passage called The Proving is her chance to finally get the answers she so desperately seeks. If she succeeds at The Proving, it will not only erase her outcast status, but she also net her a valuable prize. She can get a “kind of boon” from the matriarchs, the leaders of her tribe, allowing her to find out more about her parents. For Aloy, this sacred event means everything.

Aloy also has a love for technology that doesn’t exactly go over well with her tribe, who has strong taboos against technology. However, this hasn’t put Aloy off from studying and learning more about how to use ancient artifacts, and this curiosity is what sparks her to go on her journey to step outside of her tribe’s doors and figure out the world’s deeper mysteries.


The World of Horizon: Zero Dawn is absolutely gorgeous. From its lush vegetation to its dynamic weather, Horizon is shaping up to being one of PlayStation’s most visual games of 2017. The game will also feature a day-night cycle. The environment of the game heavily reminds me of FarCry 4.

From many of the trailers, we can expect the game to traverse many different conditions and regions such as snow, rain, sun, grasslands, mountains and more.

As of now, not much else is known about the game, but as the release date approached closer and closer, one can hope that more information will be revealed.

Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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