LawBreakers Review: Continual Visceral Explosive Fun That Never Gets Old

Let me first say this, Lawbreakers is a lot of fun even as fun as Overwatch, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its quirks. And you might think this is just another “hero shooter” like Overwatch, but it is way more than that. There is something awe inspiring in this visceral online multiplayer game that becomes even more intense with these gravity defying maps. But before coming to the LawBreakers Review, what exactly is LawBreakers?

LawBreakers, previously known under the code-name Bluestreak, is a first-person online shooter video game developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon.It was released worldwide on August 8, 2017, for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The game was set to be free to play, but in March 2016, Boss Key announced that they had abandoned the format in favour of a pay-to-play release.


The overall objective of the Lawbreakers game is quite simple really. Two teams of five players each have to join forces together to complete various objectives of the match (more on modes later) with one side playing the “Law” and the other side playing the “Breakers”.  But these gameplay elements and mechanics continually branch out to provide you with new and surprising playing experiences each game.



This mode is like a capture-the-flag event. There is one flag planted in the middle of the map and teams have to grab the flag and take it back to their base where it has to be defended until the ticker reaches 100%. In order to actually score a point, the team has to further defend it for another 20 seconds after it reaches 100%. However, the battery could keep its charge even if it’s stolen and one team could charge the battery to 99%, then the enemy could steal it and take the point after successfully defending the battery at 100% charge.


This mode is actually quite similar to Overcharge, however, the battery is now replaced with a Satellite Dish and the upload percentage display is not linked to the dish. Instead, it is linked to the team’s progress in defending the uplink.


In this game mode, it sees both teams vying to acquire a giant “blitzball” located at the centre of the map. Once a character controls the ball, they have to take it to the goal located in the enemy base to score a point.


In Lawbreaker, there are nine classes, Assassin, Battle Medic, Enforcer, Gunslinger, Harrier, Juggernaut, Titan, Vanguard and Wraith. Each of them has their own related abilities which give them an edge on the battlefield. In my 20 hours of playthrough and testing all of the roles, never did I ever feel that there was an imbalance between classes.


With two razor-sharp blades and an energy shotgun at her disposal, the Assassin excels in close-quarters-combat. Capable of grappling to any surface or target, dashing in any direction, and disorienting incoming enemies and projectiles, the Assassin is a deceptive enemy that can traverse the battlefield with a deadly grace.

Battle Medic

The high-flying Battle Medic can rain explosives from up on high while simultaneously keeping multiple teammates alive. Their cohort of medical drones, a deadly grenade launcher, and a backup energy pistol allow the Battle Medic to weave between contributing to the carnage and helping their allies achieve greatness.


Agile and armed to the teeth, the Enforcer comes loaded with a shoulder-mounted launcher, an assault rifle, a shock pistol, and ability-disabling grenades. With a well-rounded arsenal suitable for many situations, and a time-distorting ability capable of increasing weapon and movement speeds for nearby allies, the Enforcer is both a stalwart ally and a fearsome enemy.


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