Leaked PS4 5.0 Update Shows Some Awaited New Features

Sony publicly made available a beta for which the public can register and test out the new PS4 5.0 update which is due soon. Now, new leaks about that new update 5.0 have pointed to those new features that are to be included in the 5.0 update.

The patch notes were first obtained by Eurogamer and mentions some of the major changes coming in the PS4 System 5.0 update. “The major changes include the ability to stream 1080/60 FPS gameplay over Twitch using a PS4 Pro, as well as a new system that allows you to follow any PSN member (rather than only verified individuals, like developers). “


Further, the 5.0 update will include notifications and upload/download statuses to be seen from the Quick Menu so you don’t have to go all the way to the actual download status window to view it.

The PS4 5.0 update also includes a tool for children management for parents in which parents can manage what their children can access on the PSN. These tools will also be accessible from your smartphone or PC.

So far, Sony hasn’t given any update on when the new 5.0 update will come out but when they do we’ll let you know.

The past system update 4.50 was released on March 9, 2017, which included support for installing applications on external hard drives, custom wallpapers, a refined Quick Menu, a simplified notifications list, custom status updates in What’s New, and 3D Blu-Ray support for the PlayStation VR. Further, version 4.50 includes support for the preloading of game patches, however, it is up to the developer to make use of it. The first game to take advantage of this feature is LittleBigPlanet 3.

One of the major features that many consumers are waiting for is the introduction to backwards compatibility but Sony has yet to give us that.

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