Meet Overwatch’s Newest Hero: Orisa

The latest hero to join the Overwatch team is Orisa, a mechanical quadruped robot whose task is to ensure the safety of the people of Numbani, as you can see in the backstory video below. Orisa was created by Efi Oladele after she witnessed the major confrontation at Numbani Airport. After teasing a checklist of materials Efi needed to create Orisa, Blizzard released an origin story detailing how Efi built the 24th Overwatch hero from the ground up.

One of the biggest parts of Overwatch is the diverse cast of heroes and their abilities. The official Overwatch twitter has been teasing a new hero for a while, and we’ve finally seen her. Orisa is a rebuilt robot from the Omnic Crisis. Many speculated that the new character would be Efi herself, but it turned out otherwise. Some others were even hoping for Doomfist voiced by Terry Crews, but that didn’t happen either. 

You can check out the official Overwatch page for Orisa’s and she is available for testing on the PTR. See below for a list of her abilities. Curiously, her abilities are reminiscent of other Overwatch heroes. For example, her Fusion Driver is similar to D.Va’s Fusion Cannons, her barrier is similar to Winston’s barrier, her Halt! ability is like a mini Zarya Graviton Surge, and her ultimate is like Mercy’s power up but for the entire team. See below for her abilities.

We’ve been given information on all of Orisa’s abilities. First of all, she’s in the tank category, like Reinhardt and D.Va. Her main weapon is the Fusion Driver, a long ranged machine gun. Her alternate fire brings in any opposing enemies within her range. Her first special move is called Fortify, which makes her more defensive, and prevent her from getting knocked back. Her other special move is Protective Barrier, which is essentially Reinhardt’s Shield, in the form of Mei’s Ice Wall. Orisa’s ultimate is the Supercharger, which shoots a damage boost towards any teammates if they are in its range.

So far Orisa does play well, but there are obvious balance issues which Blizzard will probably fix in the near future.

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