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Gaming in 2017 So Far! It’s Going to Be a Wild Ride.

mario oddsey

Lots of great gaming-related tech came out at CES — it’s looking like it’ll be an excellent year for hardware and interfaces, which means content and new games need to step up to the plate! 1.The 5 Biggest Announcements from the Tokyo Nintendo Switch event: Probably the most controversial news this week — the …

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The Google Trips App: The Only Trip Planning App You Need


Let’s face it, planning for a vacation is not an easy task. Sure there are solutions to help aid in preparing for our trip but none of them really deliver a cohesive package, until now. Meet the Google Trips App by Google. Although this app isn’t really new (came out …

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How Can We Master The Solar System?

dyson sphere universe

As we develop as a civilization, the need for energy correlates with the growth in population and technology. There are many ways to accommodate this need as we poise our growth to develop up the Kardashev scale. So, what is the Kardashev scale? There are five types of civilizations proposed …

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