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The Half Life 3 Script has Been Revealed by Former Half-Life Writer !

Half-Life-3 (1)Half-Life-3 (1)Half-Life-3 (1)Half-Life-3 (1)Half-Life-3 (1)

Former Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw may have just revealed the plot of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 on his personal website. In a post titled “Epistle 3,” Laidlaw delivers what seems to be a summary of Gordon Freeman’s long-delayed adventure in the form of correspondence from someone named “Gertrude Fremont.” “I hope this letter finds you well,” …

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Madden 18’s Mechanics Finally Present Some Refresh to the Series

madden 18

The Madden franchise has always been about as comparatively in-depth as your true-to-life football knowledge is. That being said, sometimes playing the game and getting more of a knack of what’s going on, can transfer into your true knowledge of the real game. Whether it be learning routes and how …

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Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant is Finally Rolling Out to More Countries

samsung bixby

The Samsung Bixby’s voice is an Intelligent Interface which allows the users to have control over some aspects of their phone’s functionalities through the use of their natural voice commands. Earlier this feature was only limited to South Korea & the US (in beta) but as of now ahead of the Samsung …

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