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Technology Will Continue to Transform Our Lives Going Into 2017

technology 2017

How Technology Advancements Aid in State Governance and Sovereignty From the Havard Mark I to personalized computers, technology has come a far way to the moment of bringing us the benignity of comfort, security, and communication in our everyday lives. The ability to harness a relative primitive field of expertise …

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Google Sundar Pichai is Coming to India January 4

Google India sundar pichai

Google’s Sundar Pichai is currently on holiday in India, but also for other reasons many believe. This could be for a special Google event that the company recently mailed out invitations to.  The invitation states: “Small and Medium Businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy and are powering the next …

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Top Artificial Intelligence AI News and Discoveries of 2016

AI news and discoveries 2016 brain-min

  Massive breakthroughs are hard to predict, but incremental innovations have already become an everyday occurrence. Everyday disruption is changing business, behaviour and the basis of human experience, under our very eyes. The march of innovation is unrelenting, leaving many of us behind. If you feel you might have missed out …

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