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Voltron Season 3 Date Announced!

voltron season 2 season 3

Comic-con is well under way and there have been many new announcements from television shows to movies. But one that I was eagerly waiting for was the release date of Voltron Season 3 which is a Netflix exclusive arriving August 4th, 2017. But hang on, Season 3 will only be …

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Facebook Making Modular Phones?


The saying goes, if Google can’t do it, no one can. But that isn’t stopping Social media giant Facebook at trying their hand at making the widely awaited modular phone. Google tried to do this back with Project Ara but ultimately was disbanded due to all of the technical issues …

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy has Gone Gold!

uncharted lost legacy

If many of you are excited upon Naughty Dog’s latest PlayStation exclusive title, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, you don’t have to fear it being delayed has Naughty Dog’s official twitter has confirmed that Uncharted The Lost Legacy has gone gold as of today! Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure …

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