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What is Blockchain? And Why Should We Explore This Area?


We live in a world with an excess of software. It is not uncommon to have three or four ride-hailing apps installed on the phone. And more than likely, the ride-hailing app that survives is the one that customers enjoy the most — the software with the best design and user experience. …

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There Are More Vehicles on Mars Than You Think

mars vehicle nasa isro-min

Believe it or not, there’s more than just a few Mars vehicles that made the trip from Earth to Mars. Even more surprising is that humans first made it to mars in 1971. Well, more like something we made ran into Mars. But the important thing is that we got …

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Ubisoft’s For Honor Minimum and Recommended PC Specs Announced!

for honor pc specs minimum recommended

As Ubisoft prepares to drop its first ever For Honor Multiplayer beta, it has released the For Honor minimum and recommended PC gaming specs for those who plan on trying out the PC beta.  Looking at the minimum requirements, they aren’t that high compared to other of Ubisoft’s games. They …

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