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Most of Us Use the Cloud, But What Exactly Is It?

the cloud internet

We’ve all heard of the “Cloud”. The most famous one that comes to mind would most likely be Apple’s iCloud which is known for storing your personal information that includes things like documents, photos, and music. However, the Cloud is also a broad term that is used when dealing with …

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Top Five Best Female Movie Characters of 2016


While female characters still represent roughly 20% of lead roles in movies, 2016 was a year that has seen several great female main characters winning the box office.  *BEWARE, SPOILERS AHEAD!* 5. Judy Hopps I Zootopia Zootopia is one of the best movies of 2016 and its main character Judy has …

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How to Improve Your Internet Speed (2017)

improve internet speed

Our lives highly depend on internet and services that provide internet services in our homes, offices etc. The websites we browse, the people we’re connected to online, the wireless equipment and other factors are responsible get our internet to slow down or affect the overall internet experience at home. Some …

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