Sonic Mania Review: Nostalgic at its Core

As a retro gaming fan, I always used to keep a specific list of games in my pocket which I think would be a perfect remake. Whether it’s Golden AxeComix ZoneEarthworm GymDemolition Man etc, or those other 90’s 16-Bit side-scrolling Sega Genesis Games, all of the games and that time, was always close to my heart.

There are some of the games which can’t be replaced no matter what. Recently Sega has released the “Sonic Mania”. The remake of the 90s classical side-scrolling platform game of all time.

Sonic Mania Review: Back with the Bang

Sonic is back again with his friends Tails and Knuckles, to defeat the Eggman and his Empire. With their signature abilities like Running, Jumping, Spin Dashing, Flying, and gliding you can pass through all the obstacles and achieve your victory. The game is comprised of 12 Zones. Out of which four zones which are Green Hills, Chemical Plant, Stardust Speedway and Lava Reef, were remade from the previous Sonic installments with a slight alteration.

Now the best of remastering the old level is that they are not as same as before. They are bigger, more elaborate and filled with various new thrilling traps and tricks. Honestly, I didn’t expect such additions and alterations.

Sonic Mani Review: Satisfying Presentation and Animation

After all these years the game looks pretty intoxicating and eye-catching as it was before. Merging the 16-Bit side-scrolling gameplay to the latest 60-FPS and impeccable re-imaginations of the Zones, the game is filled with all the excitement and adventures. The game is so promising and nostalgic right from the title screen, which I bet brings you all of your favorite childhood memories. The detailing is vibrant, the animation is smooth, the meshes in the new zones are amazing, the visuals are stunning and the colors of the game gives you the old classical Sonic feeling of the 90s.

Sonic Mania Review: New Music and Remixes

Yes, they finally added the best and catchy, inspired by the 90s tunes in the game. I remember the argument of Michael Jackson’s musical contribution to Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I am still confused whether if it’s true or not. But Sonic Mania has some pretty attractive music which works parallel with the visual.

Sonic Manis Review: Astonishing Mechanics

The game has the best responsive control and pretty awesome movement physics. The obstacles are cleverly placed in the game and the varied pathways give you exciting twists and turns during the gameplay. The developers have done a fine justice with the previous Sonic installments. Sonic’s new ability has also been introduced which is called “Drop Dash” which allows to quickly roll forward after a jump.

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