Splatoon 2 Review: Is this Nintendo Switch Exclusive Any Good?

Following the success of the Wii U’s Splatoon 1, Nintendo has dropped a highly anticipated sequel, Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. But does it live up to the hype? Splatoon was one of the Wii U’s biggest success stories. Nintendo’s best new IP they’ve created in several years that became a huge hit. The game sold over 4.6 million copies worldwide. So, as a big fan of the first game, Splatoon 2 immediately caught my attention. Here’s what we thought.

Splatoon 2: Story

Before we dive into the story of Splatoon 2, we need some backstory of the original game. The game centers around characters known as Inklings—beings that can transform between humanoid and squid forms, and hide or swim through colored ink sprayed on surfaces using gun, bucket, or brush-based weaponry. And also, Octarians which most are bad. However,(spoilers coming up) in Splatoon, you fought off the Octarian menace, led by DJ Octavio, and with the help of the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie.  So, in the beginning of when Splatoon 2 starts, not only has the Great Zapfish, the source of power in Inkopolis Square, and Callie has gone missing. So, things aren’t looking too good. The original Splatoon featured several game modes, including 4-on-4 online multiplayer and a single player campaign.

After a quick tutorial when you first start the game, you can see Marie standing in a corner of the square, If you follow her, you end up in Octo Valley, the hub world for the single player mode. She tells you about Callie being gone and the Octarians attacking again. Marie then grants you the title Agent 4. 

The story mode has you play much different, and very unique levels, all culminating in you getting a Zapfish at the end of the level. 

Splatoon 2: Gameplay

Splatoon 2 is essentially a 3D third-person platformer. But you’re also wielding a gun that shoots paint from a little canister on your back. Shoot enough paint, and you’ll quickly run dry. This is really where the magic happens; if you squeeze ZL, you’ll morph into a squid and dive right into the ink you’ve just sprayed. Holding ZL enables you to remain submerged, and while you’re submerged your ink canister refills. As mentioned before Splatoon 2 allows you to control characters known as Inklings and use colored ink to attack opponents and clear goals. Inklings can alternate between humanoid form, during which they can fire ink with their weapons, and squid form, which allows them to swim through the ink of their own color in order to move quickly and replenish ink supplies. The sequel adds a new standard, sub, and special weapons to the game, including dual-wield pistols, that allow the player to perform dodge rolls, and jetpacks. Like the previous game, the game features the Turf War modes for Regular Battles, and a rotation of Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker modes for Ranked Battles, which are now ranked individually. 

In multiplayer, players can play online through an internet connection or play locally, although local play requires multiple consoles and copies of the game. The game also features LAN support with an adapter accessory for local private tournaments. The game support Amiibo figures, which allow players to store their Inkling’s custom look and unlock additional content, and free post-release updates and Splatfest events are also planned. Multiplayer works seamlessly and there are no hiccups or game imbalances from what we could tell through our playthrough.


Splatoon 2 is a great sequel following the original Splatoon 1 on the Wii U and exceeds it in every way in terms of story, gameplay and its multiplayer component. If you have a Nintendo Switch, be sure to pick this one up!

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Splatoon 2 Review



Splatoon 2 is a great sequel following the original Splatoon 1 on the Wii U and exceeds it in every way in terms of story, gameplay and its multiplayer component. If you have a Nintendo Switch, be sure to pick this one up!

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