The Asus Chromebook C201 Review -Is it Any Good?

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Asus Chromebook C201 blue side
Asus Chromebook C201 Navy Front



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  • Light-weight Chrome OS 
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life
  • Extremely light and portable
  • Built-in Security & Anti-virus
  • Review Price of $189.00 USD w/o taxes


It is the latest Chromebook from Asus that runs purely on Google’s light-weight OS, Chrome. 

This latest model is, while not a game changer, a great addition to ASUS’ Chromebook line up. It is low cost, easy to use, and extremely portable. Great for everyday tasks. 


Now, the display is usually what people look for straight away when they consider a laptop. And with many different types of screens out there, it can be hard to choose. With the C201, it’s packing an 11.6 inch 1366 x 786 HD screen (720p), with cooler colours. The colours on the display often seems washed out, and aren’t really vibrant. 

Asus doesn’t offer a Full HD version, which I would’ve loved to have seen. But for the price you’re getting this for, the screen isn’t too shabby. If you plan on using it for basic tasks such as emails, writing notes, or even watching videos, then the screen shall meet your needs. But if you are planning on using this for more intense activities like watching 4K video, or playing some chrome games , then this screen isn’t your best bet. 


The design of this Chromebook is actually one of the main factors that helped me decide to use this as my daily driver. Although it’s not the most eye-catching design out there, it is extremely light-weight with a nice matte finish that doesn’t leave too many fingerprints. There is the chrome logo on the top left of the back and the ASUS logo in the center of the back. 

It is has 2 USB 2.0 slots on the right side, microusb for charging on the left, and a micro SD slot as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

The laptop also has a HD front facing camera which is more than sufficient for Skype chats or Google Hangouts. 


As you may have already guessed, the C201 is powered by Google’s own Chrome OS.  It is an operating system designed by Google that is based on the Linux kernel and uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface. As a result, Chrome OS primarily supports web applications.

The Chrome OS is designed to be light-weight, meaning that it can run smoothly on low end specs. And since it’s mainly internet based,  performance does matter based on what kind of connection you have. If you have a fast connection then you’ll find a great boost in performance.

Also, if you’re planning on getting the C201 or any other Chromebook, keep in mind that it really works well if you’re an avid Google user. That means, you use alot of Google’s tools such as Drive, Calendar, Keep, Gmail, Chrome etc. If you are mainly an Apple or Microsoft person, then this type of OS isn’t right for you. Chrome OS brings all of Google’s core apps to one centralized location and works great with one another. 

Now, if you’re wondering whether you can run Windows apps, the answer is NO. But to a limited degree. The Chrome OS comes with remote desktop so you can remotely connect to a Windows or Mac through this app. You can run your normal Windows and Mac apps, but be prepared for some lag.

And by the way, don’t expect to play any low end or high end games on the C201. 


The Chromebook rocks a 1.85GHz Rockchip RK3288C quad-core processor with 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM that offers the performance you need for everyday computing tasks. This includes, emailing, videos, skyping and browsing the web. It also features a Rockchip Mali T764 graphics chipset that somewhat helps with graphics performance and video playback. 

One issue that I’ve run into while using the Chromebook was it’s inability to render heavy content pages well. It usually buffers as you scroll down and also has a hard time running 1080p video. But after I broke it in, I found that the performance was greatly improved, especially with better internet connection. And it runs through other pages like butter, so no need to worry about that. 


Now, Asus quotes in its product specifications that you can get up to 13 hours of battery life with mixed use.

In my tests, I’ve used the Chromebook for days at a time doing everything from writing reviews, to watching videos. The longest I’ve used it for was one week, but that was just checking emails. But after using it now for over 2 months, I found myself needing to recharge after 2 days, which is still incredible.

Also, charging is very quick. I’ve gotten 0-100% in less than one hour.


The C201 is a great light weight portable Chromebook that can easily take care of everyday needs. Although the screen isn’t the best in its class, the price makes up for it. If you’re looking for a cheap, easy to use , portable laptop that can be used for everyday light tasks, then this is for you. If you have to use windows apps everyday or want to game, then this isn’t for you.


The ASUS C201 is an excellent Chromebook in its class, for price, portability and function. 


Performance - 84%
Build Quality - 94%
Value - 95%
Keyboard - 91%
Display Quality - 80%
Design - 91%
Battery Life - 100%



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