The Xiaomi AI Speaker: A New Contender for the Google Home and Echo

With Google, Apple and Amazon launching their own respective AI enabled smart speakers with the Google Home, Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo, the trend is now being followed by Xiaomi with their launch of their very first smart speaker with Xiaomi Mi AI speaker.The Xiaomi Mi AI speaker will be launched in China at a price tag of  $45 USD which is the cheapest of all the smart speakers launched in the world. Further, the Xiaomi Mi AI speaker will go on sale from the first week of August.


The Mi AI speaker works similar to any other smart speaker but it has special 360 degrees audio sensing capabilities which allow users to interact with the speaker from any corner of their house.It is equipped with 6 microphones and two audio drivers with support for beamforming.


As per Xiaomi, the speaker is equipped with high-quality speakers which give users high-quality audio for audiophiles. The speaker is also compatible with a wide range of Xiaomi products and apps.In terms of control, there is physical control button on top of the speaker for play/pause, mute, and skip track forward/backwards. The speaker also supports some third party apps like Calendar notification as well can take calls. From a distance, the Mi AI speaker can be controlled via the separate app which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

So far, there are no details of launching the product outside of China, since as of now the device only support the Chinese language. 

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