The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Plans to Build a Mega City on Mars

Most of us know by now, that the United Arab Emirates is famous for its lush atmosphere, the world’s tallest building and cities that look like they’ve come from the future, all built right in the middle of a desert. Many thought that this couldn’t be done in an environment as harsh and unforgiving such as the UAE. But they pulled it off, and it has become one of the most visited places on the Earth.

With this in mind and the UAE’s vision for the future, they have proposed to build a mega city on Mars within 100 years, named “Mars 2117”. When you look at what they’ve accomplished in their own city, this idea of a mega-city on Mars doesn’t seem too implausible at all. After all, Mars is just as barren and a desert like the UAE. (Though, there are more environmental factors to consider, obviously).

The UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum revealed the lofty ambition in a series of recent tweets.

“The project, to be named ‘Mars 2117,’ integrates a vision to create a mini-city and community on Mars involving international cooperation,” the prime minister said.

He further goes on stating that “Mars 2117″ includes major space science focus in our universities. We’re building a space pioneering passion among our young people.We aspire in the coming century to develop science, technology and our youth’s passion for knowledge. This project is driven by that vision.”

Of course, logistically speaking, building a city on a planet that is much more unforgiving than of Earth is likely to prove much more challenging than building one here, but considering the UAE’s already well-known penchant for grandiose projects, perhaps this place more than any other has some chance of actually pulling it off.

The UAE first announced its interest in Mars in 2014, where they also announced that they have been working on a space project collaboration with NASA which hinted at a mission to Mars.

Only time will tell whether this is another pipe dream or something that will become reality.

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