The Original Xbox One Discontinued by Microsoft

Microsoft has officially discontinued the production of the Xbox One. 

Calm down, there’s no anything serious, especially one that disadvantages consumers related to the discontinuation of this Xbox One production process.


The reason why the Xbox One stopped being produced is none other than the lack of interest. As is known, in recent years, Microsoft has presented the successor series of this flagship console. Like Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Looks strange indeed but that’s the fact.

The reason why Xbox One stops being produced is none other than the presence of these two new consoles, which attract more consumers. 

Along with many new products issued by Microsoft, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, is making the Xbox One less desirable. All users have also referred to the newest consoles to be faster and sleeker.

Microsoft has stopped selling the latest Xbox One consoles in the United States and the United Kingdom. Technically, the Xbox One has sold out and will no longer be produced.

If you still want it, you can still buy an updated Xbox One. Microsoft gave the console’s price with $ 200.  The price given by Microsoft is cheaper $ 50- $ 80 from its successor, Xbox One S.

Instead, you should think twice about buying an updated Xbox One, because the successors are better. In terms of specifications too, the Xbox One S has undergone many improvements like 4K up scaling and 4K Blu-ray playing. The price offered is also not much different, about $ 50 — $ 80 only.

If you want to get a better performance, you can buy the latest product, Xbox One X. Of course the price given by Microsoft is proportional to the quality. One Xbox One X is priced at $ 500 USD or 600 CAD. So which Xbox series do you want to buy?

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